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img-03Healthcare Marketing

Developing a Concierge/Retainer Practice: Options for Converting Your Practice

Moving Beyond Advertising, an overview of marketing for the new clinical practice.

Planning the Elephant Walk, how to handle your first healthcare marketing role

IT Facilitation/Physician Tracking

Customer Relationship Management Consideration Checklist

Three Important Steps To Take Before Developing A Physician Tracking Tool via CRM (white paper)


Jott – a service that converts your voice to text and delivers it to web, email and phone.

Search over 2,800 U.S. Hospital Web Sites

Customer Relationship Management: A Brief and Basic Overview


How to Build a Physician Referral Network: A Brief Overview on Developing Relationships with Referring Physicians


Social Media Revolution: Fundamental Change in the Way we Communicate (thinking fodder)

Info Bits on Demographics

Info Bits on Physician Supply