Health Care Planning & Analysis

“Our relationship started with physician recruiting. We soon realized that Forté Partners offered other valuable healthcare consulting services – like business planning. They have been great – responsive to us and our needs. They push back on us and don’t just agree to everything we want. They offer good advice. We find good value in their deliverables.”
Jose Bodre
Chief Executive Officer

Our experience informs us that the balance between health care planning and doing is critical for success. We know that planning along with careful understanding of a hospital or physician market can only serve the organization well as it moves strategic initiatives forward. We also know that planning is useless without execution. We believe that the partnership forged between planning and execution must be bound permanently for ultimate effect in the health care arena. Health care planning is the crucial and often missed first step in effective execution. Our consultants offer the following health care planning services:

  • New business planning for health care organizations, hospitals and physician practices
  • Forecasting and financial pro formas
  • Cost structure and break-even analysis
  • SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities & threats) analysis
  • ROI (return on investment) projections and measurement
  • Ratio analysis of historical and projected financials
  • Competitive analysis
  • Medical staff development plans