Physician Tracking/IT Facilitation

“When we needed an assessment for a physician relations tracking system, we asked Suzanne Dewey and her team for assistance. They were organized, thoughtful, helpful and supplied the value we were seeking. We were most pleased with their ‘roll-up your sleeves’ approach and the solutions they uncovered.”
Susan McBurney
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

Whether you want to provide a tracking tool for your physician relations outreach team or need to consider a recruitment tracking tool, software vendors do not always understand how a healthcare organization works. While physician outreach is sales it needs to be structured and tracked in a different manner. We have found that having a translator or a project manager who is familiar with technology issues AND understands hospitals and physicians can eliminate frustration and save time. We offer:

  • Database management/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system assessments for physician and patient outreach
  • Vendor assessments and profiles for tracking and recruitment systems.
  • Essential tracking report templates
  • Project management
  • Basic training for physician outreach teams