Concierge/Retainer Delivery Models

Primary Care Delivered Differently
Thinking about a different way to deliver primary care?
You have choices. If you choose to provide a retainer or concierge practice, Forté Partners can help you.

Create your retainer practice based on your needs, your patients’ needs, your areas of expertise, your existing panel and your own vision. Our services are tailored to specific needs and include:

  • Conduct concept testing within your market
  • Creation of specific service offerings
  • Pricing structure based on practice and market qualities
  • Step-by-step conversion or start-up planning and execution

Planning and Tactical Resources
If your hospital or health system is interested in establishing a concierge program, Forté Partners will work with your organization to:

  • Conduct market research on consumers and competitors in addition to market position assessment.
  • Determine avenues for operational integration within current infrastructure.
  • Assess viability: financial and cost-benefit analysis
  • Plan and execute implementation