We would like to thank the makers of these cool plugins and images.
  • All Images

    by Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash

  • Browser Icons

    by Marina D

  • Bootstrap

    by @mdo and @fat

  • Bootstrap Color Picker

    by Javi Aguilar

  • Bootstrap Date Range

    by Dan Grossman

  • Bootstrap Social Button

    by Panayiotis Lipiridis

  • Bootstrap Tags Input

    by Schlechter

  • Timepicker

    by @jdewit

  • Chocolat

    by @nicolas-t

  • Cleave.JS

    by @nosir

  • Codemirror

    by Marijn Haverbeke

  • DataTables

    by @datatables

  • Dropzone.JS

    by Matias Meno

  • Flag Icon CSS

    by Panayiotis Lipiridis

  • Font Awesome

    by @fontawesome

  • Full Calendar

    by Adam Shaw

  • IonIcons

    by Ionic Framework

  • jQuery

    by The jQuery Foundation

  • jQuery PWStrength

    by Mato Ilic

  • jQuery Selectric

    by Leonardo Santos

  • jQuery UI

    by The jQuery Foundation

  • jQuery Vector Map

    by Manifest Interactive

  • NiceScroll

    by InuYaksa

  • OwlCarousel

    by David Deutsch

  • Prism

    by @PrismJS

  • Select2

    by Kevin Brown and Igor Vaynberg

  • Simple Weather

    by James Fleeting

  • Summernote

    by Alan Hong

  • Sweet Alert

    by Tristan Edwards

  • Toastr

    by Toastr Maintainers

  • Upload Preview

    by Opoloo

  • Weather Icon

    by Erik Flowers

  • Chart.JS

    by Nick Downie

  • GMaps.JS

    by Gustavo Leon

  • Sparkline

    by Gareth Watts

  • Moment

    by @moment

  • Popper.JS

    by Federico Zivolo

  • Tooltip.JS

    by Federico Zivolo

  • Scroll Up Bar

    by @eduardomb