Sharing Data Points in Hospital Social Media Use

The numbers speak for themselves!  More hospital marketing endeavors include social media elements.  I could write a bunch more about this data but I think just looking at the numbers lets us know that the world is communicating differently.  This is not an indictment to drop everything and adopt social media channels but rather a reminder that there are many more tools available to get our messages out and to build community in the health care marketing arena.

All of the data is courtesy of Ed Bennett and taken from his informative blog on February 14, 2010 and May 8, 2011.  Ed keeps a solid watch on hospital social media adoption.

U.S. Hospitals that use Social Networking tools – updated on May 8, 2011

965 Hospitals total

  • 486 YouTube Channels
  • 777 Facebook pages
  • 714 Twitter Accounts
  • 469 LinkedIn Accounts
  • 723 Four Square
  • 120 Blogs

3,289 Hospital Social Networking Sites

This is the February 2010 data:

  • 254 YouTube Channels
  • 336 Facebook pages
  • 430 Twitter Accounts
  • 70 Blogs

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